Empowerment Ministries International


Dr. and Mrs. Moonzwe are the founding Directors of EMI. The couple is blessed with three children, all 

God-fearing. Over the years, the couple has been prepared academically, spiritually, and experientially. Dr. Moonzwe holds several degrees, including Doctor of Missiology (Missions, Theology, and Leadership), Masters in Biblical Studies, Intercultural Studies,  Business Administration (MBA), and MS in Management. His wife is a Registered Nurse and has Masters’ degrees in Education, Human Resources Management and Biblical Studies. Dr. and Mrs. Moonzwe have lived and studied in Zambia, the UK and USA. 

Dr. and Mrs. Moonzwe have both served in senior management positions. Dr. Moonzwe served, among others, as CEO of a major corporation in Zambia. Later after Seminary studies in the USA and full-time ministry involvement, Dr. Moonzwe founded EMI, where he serves as President. His wife was the Deputy Chief Nursing Officer, Ministry of Health, Zambia. She was also a University Professor, worked with WHO and World Bank on health projects, and currently works with her husband as Vice President of EMI.,


EMI President Dr, Moonzwe, his wife (right), and other Directors en route to project sites.


At Empowerment Ministries International (EMI), our primary goal is to empower and restore lives and transform communities through holistic ministries, meeting the spiritual and the physical needs of the people. 


EMI Directors are men and women drawn from across the social spectrum with diverse fields of

expertise, including business, administration, nursing, teaching, pastoral, economist, and entrepreneurs. These dedicated Directors are invaluable assets in EMI’s

efforts to improve the quality of life of marginalized people.


Empowering people and transforming communities is our mission. EMI seeks to liberate those caged in spiritual and material poverty and help them become mature disciples for Christ, socially connected, and economically self-sustaining.


Promoting the wholeness of humanity is our vision. We envision raising people of power, whole and fruitful with a future and hope, a people empowered and equipped to live productive and fruitful lives, a people not only able to support themselves but better citizens, leaders, and catalysts for the empowerment of their own families, communities, and nations.


CHURCH: To empower the Church through soul-winning discipleship training, empowerment seminars, and arranging missions trips abroad for cross-cultural experience and spiritual enrichment.

COMMUNITIES: To empower communities by drilling boreholes (water wells) to supply cleaner water, women’s empowerment, building supportive relationships and healthful lifestyles, developing leadership and entrepreneurial capacity.

CHILDREN: To empower orphans and disadvantaged children by providing them school supplies, including uniforms and shoes, and creating a caring, holistic environment that allows them to grow spiritually, physically, and mentally and become productive members of their communities and nations.

THE POOR: To empower the poor by helping them improve their quality of life by providing clothes, food, and life skills to promote healthful living, self-reliance, entrepreneurship, and spiritually enriched lives.


EMI is a Christian organization whose philosophy of ministry is Bible-based. We endeavor to give needful support to the orphans, the weak, and the vulnerable in society by ministering to their needs holistically.