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Welcome to Empowerment Ministries International

EMI is committed and dedicated to empowering lives and transforming communities.

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Our primary goal is to empower and restore lives and transform communities through holistic ministries on the continent of Africa.

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About Us

Villagers dance and rejoice after water gushes out of a new borehole (water well) EMI has drilled in their community.


Mission: Our mission at EMI is to empower individuals and transform communities. We are dedicated to liberating those who are trapped in spiritual and material poverty, guiding them toward becoming mature disciples for Christ, fostering social connections, and promoting economic self-sustainability.


Vision: Our vision centers on promoting the wholeness of humanity. We aspire to cultivate individuals who are empowered, complete, and fruitful, filled with hope for the future. Our vision encompasses nurturing people who not only sustain themselves but also become exemplary citizens, leaders, and catalysts for the empowerment of their own families, communities, and nations.

How You Can Help

Send a Donation

Your donation has the power to make a significant impact on empowering lives. We’ve made giving secure and convenient with our one-click donation option. Additionally, you can choose to send your contributions via standard check or cash donations to our business address. Please consider making a donation now to support our mission.

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Become Volunteer

You have the opportunity to get involved today by becoming a volunteer. You can choose to become a local ambassador or visit project locations in Zambia and Malawi. When you sign up, you’ll become part of a dedicated group of change-makers. For further details and information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Learn more about how you can make a difference. Read More

Give Scholarship

You can make a difference today by volunteering. Whether you opt to become a local ambassador or visit project locations in Zambia and Malawi, your involvement matters. When you sign up, you’ll join a passionate group of change-makers. Contact us for more information on how you can get involved and make a meaningful impact.

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Recent Projects

Kids Party

The EMI Children’s Program is seeking your support to provide uniforms and shoes for 1,000 children for the 2022-2024 school years. In mid-December, the EMI board and staff will visit the school children and host a Christmas party during which the uniforms and shoes will be distributed. We kindly request your assistance to ensure that every child receives this Christmas gift this year. Your support can make a significant difference in these children’s lives.

Rural Outreach

The members of the EMI Rural Area Evangelism Team are recruited from the very communities and villages they serve in rural areas. They recently received a new motorcycle, which has filled them with enthusiasm. This motorcycle will greatly enhance their ability to reach even the most remote areas, allowing them to spread the gospel, provide food assistance, and identify suitable locations for drilling new boreholes to ensure access to clean drinking water.

Urban Outreach

To expand our evangelism efforts beyond the Rural Outreach Program, EMI launched the Urban Outreach program in April 2019. This initiative is centered on urban areas, encompassing cities and townships. Our dedicated team of evangelists engages in visitations from Monday to Friday, actively reaching individuals on the streets and in their homes. This program has been highly successful, leading to thousands of individuals embracing Christ.