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EMI is steadfast in its commitment to empowering individuals and communities.


The Girls Dorm Project is an initiative managed by Empowerment Ministries International (EMI), an organization firmly committed to the empowerment of individuals and the revitalization of communities through community-based projects and initiatives.


Situated at Mukulaikwa School, located in a rural area of Zambia, the Girls Dorm Project is an integral component of EMI’s Children’s Empowerment program.

Program Goals

1. Safe Housing: The project builds dormitories to provide secure shelter for orphaned and disadvantaged girls.

2. Holistic Growth: It fosters holistic development, addressing emotional, educational, and social needs, and nurturing well-rounded individuals.

3. Health and Well-being: The project ensures healthcare access, including nutritious meals, clean water, and healthcare services for the girls.

4. Education and Skill Building: Educational support, including quality schooling and vocational training, empowers the girls for the future.

5. Community Empowerment: EMI engages the local community in sustainable change through development projects, improving the overall quality of life.

6. Empowerment Goal: The Girls Dorm Project aims to empower girls to break the cycle of poverty and become self-sufficient adults through a stable, nurturing environment.

7.EMI’s Mission: EMI, overseeing this project, is dedicated to empowering lives and transforming communities, with a focus on children’s empowerment. The Girls Dorm Project aligns with this mission.

EMI Mukulaikwa school

For over a decade, EMI has been actively improving the community’s well-being:

Clean Water Access: EMI installed wells and boreholes, ensuring clean drinking water for the community and school.

Enhanced Hygiene: EMI constructed pit latrines, promoting better sanitation practices.

Education Support: EMI provided school essentials, raising educational standards. The school has grown to serve 1000 students and is now a regional secondary school, attracting girls from distant areas seeking to escape poverty through education.


EMI’s decade-long dedication to improving living standards, education, and overall well-being in the community is a testament to its commitment to making a positive impact on people’s lives and the transformation of the region.

In the huts, many girls face abuse, resulting in pregnancy and stigmatization, ultimately forcing them to leave school..

Due to the distance between the school and the girls’ homes, families often rent small huts for their daughters nearby. Regrettably, these locations are unhygienic and unsafe, leading to instances of physical and sexual abuse. Consequently, there is a concerning increase in the number of pregnancies among the girls. This situation is a pressing concern for the EMI project, the school, and the local communities.

Your urgent support is immensely valued as we endeavor to construct two dormitories. These dormitories will provide a safe and conducive environment for girls to pursue their studies without disruption.

Rural Village Hut
Or: Text GIRLSDORMS To 930-212-3456

Girls dormitory project phase I

EMI has acquired a 50-acre plot adjacent to the school for the construction of two well-structured dormitories. These facilities will offer the girls shelter, security, access to clean water, sanitation facilities, showers, and sleeping quarters.


Additionally, EMI has garnered support from tribal leaders and obtained approval from district officials for the dormitory construction project.

Help us provide a safe place for our girl students to live, study, and pursue their dreams.

School Girls dormitory
project phase II

The girls are in urgent need of safe housing before the next school year starts in January 2023. To provide these accommodations, we estimate an initial cost of $110,000 to construct the dormitories. These dormitories will be equipped with essential amenities such as solar power, water supply, sanitation facilities, showers, a dining hall, storage and kitchen space, beds for up to 50 girls, matrons’ quarters, and a security fence with a gate to ensure property protection and safety.


Your support is crucial. Please consider donating now to make a meaningful impact and help secure safe housing for these girls.

EMI President and Board Members at the School
We invite your support to help young Zambian girls realize their dreams in a secure learning environment. Your assistance is vital in our mission to construct two dormitories by January 2023. Together, we can empower these girls and provide them with the safe, nurturing space they need to thrive and pursue their aspirations.
One-time and recurring donations are welcome.

Visit to the school by EMI President and Leadership.

EMI School Kids receiving shoes. 

EMI School Kids receiving uniforms and shoes.