Empowerment Ministries International


EMI is committed and dedicated to empowering lives and transforming communities. The goal of the EMI Empowerment Centers is to empower lives and transform communities.


EMI community empowerment programs provide on-spot spiritual support and training. The approach is family and community-centered, integrative and participative, whereby the community members come up with project proposals that are given to EMI Management to evaluate their viability. EMI also attends to some urgent needs in the communities, such as a shortage of food supplies.

Another major Community project is drilling boreholes to provide clean water for the people and their animals and for agricultural purposes; gardening, rearing chickens and goats. These income-generating projects, which Women Groups primarily run, have improved the quality of life in these communities.

The President of EMI, Dr. Moonzwe, his wife, and another director inspect a newly installed borehole pump in a village.

Dr. Moonzwe, and his wife at the borehole launching

Completion of borehole/water well project 

EMI Women's Empowerment Project


The Children’s Empowerment program aims to empower orphans and disadvantaged children by providing a conducive and enabling holistic environment in which they can have balanced growth and experience healthful lifestyles. To this end, EMI provides uniforms, shoes, and other school necessities to support the students. EMI currently has 1000 students in the program.


Girls who cannot return home due to distance require safe housing and shelter. EMI is building dorms to ensure the girls do not face abuse in guest homes. Find out more on the EMI GIRLS DORM PROJECT.

About the Mukulaikwa School in Zambia

EMI School Children with EMI Director, Zambia

EMI Director with EMI School Children


A team of EMI evangelists conducts street-to-street and house-to-house evangelism and personal witnessing. This team operates in urban areas, cities, and townships. The program is very successful; tens of thousands have been won to Christ. Our challenge is the supply of bibles, tracks, and other materials to give to the new converts to help them grow in their new life. Because of the the ever-increasing number of converts, EMI plans to establish an Institute for Discipleship training and Leadership development.

EMI vehicle prepation for Urban Outreach
EMI President, Dr.Moonzwe, EMI Directors, and School Officials inspect a newly constructed school block


The EMI Rural Areas Evangelism Team members are recruited from the local rural communities and villages they serve. The Team works with community leaders to determine the neediest people to receive food donations and identify areas to sink boreholes. With the availability of water, the Team supports and encourages local people to establish income-generating projects such as growing vegetables, poultry, and animal rearing to improve the quality of life of the people in these poor areas.

EMI Director welcomed for Rural Community outreach

EMI vehicle preparation for Rural Outreach
EMI President and his wife at Rural Outreach project site